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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Father's Day 2016

 Father's Day was hot, much like this entire summer has been (and I love it!!!) .  We did what we could to keep the kids cool, including running through the sprinkler!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blues and Jazz 2016

I know I am just so behind on posting!  It's seems to be getting harder and harder to find the time these days.  Grace no longer naps (sort of) and so the precious little time I get after getting her to sleep just isn't enough to keep up with life and a blog! I will keep going as best as I can, I just may be a little behind all of the time!
A while back Grace and I headed out to enjoy our town's blues and jazz festival.  She kept calling it the Blue Jay festival! lol  It's run by a friend of mine and every year we've been Grace has had a blast.  She loves music as much as  I do and so we make a good team for the weekend's festivities. 
I also make it a "free for all" weekend.  Pretty much whatever she wants, she gets.  She wants ice tea to drink?  I say OK.  Bubbles?  New necklace?  Sure!  She wants a hot dog and ice cream for lunch?  I say OK.  French fries?  Juice?  Corn on the cob?  Another ice cream?  OK, OK, and OK!  I consider it a wise move on my part because while she is munching away on her French fries or admiring her new necklace, she is entertained and happy.  I'm able to enjoy the music without distraction and that makes me happy.  I see it as a win - win!!!

How does one fall asleep in the middle of such loud music???  I have no idea but she does, every year!

Cartwheels on the grass.  Grace met up with a couple of friends from her dance class and the three of them danced around and did cartwheels.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Someone should have told me that Mother's Day gets better and better as your kid gets older!  Grace was so cute this year trying to keep secrets and hide her present.  When we woke up Sunday morning, she insisted I stay in bed and pretend to sleep.  She snuck out of the bedroom to search for her golden bag (school communication bag), which had her present tucked away in it. She had hidden it in her room on Friday when she came home from school ( I of course knew exactly where it was, in her laundry basket!)  So, she came back into the bedroom with a smile a mile wide!  She was so proud of herself!  She sang her Mother's Day song for me and we snuggled together while I opened my gift. 


Grace and I enjoyed making a great pancake breakfast together and just hung out, skipping church for once to enjoy each other's company.  We then headed out to my parents' for lunch.  It was a pretty cold day but we made the best of it, taking a few family pictures and of course playing soccer in heels!!!

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  And sometimes that means joining in on the soccer game wearing your princess high heels!

The two young ones have such a good time hanging out together at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Oh to be a kid again, completely entertained by a stick and water!

Here's Grandma's Mother's Day card, filled with quotes from Grace about Grandma.  This may be the first time Grandma has been described as a princess and having hair like cotton candy but how sweet!  I love the one about chicken noodle soup.  "Grandma makes good chicken noodle soup.  The kind with no vegetables!"

A little bit of living room gymnastics before heading home

My girl, my joy, my life.  I say it again and again..... I can no longer remember my life before her nor imagine my life without her.  We've become one.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Easter Part Two

Sorry, forgot to post the second part of our Easter celebrations!

Finally on Easter Sunday the weather cooperated and with the sun shining brightly both young kids were able to get outside for an egg hunt.  My sister was nice enough to put it all together for them and both kids had a blast finding their loot.

Having a little chocolate break after all his efforts

Grace is counting her treats, trying to figure out if she has any left to find

A little snowball fun for the guys.  Gotta love Canada - the best place to see people wearing t-shirts and making snowballs at the same moment! 

Checking out some of the damage from the storm

Here is the note we left on our front door to let the Easter Bunny know where to find us!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Easter 2016

      Easter 2016 will definitely go down as an Easter to remember!  Schools closed, the ice storm, trees crashing down, no power for 3 and a half days, we pretty much had it all!  But just like the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas, we realized that we don't really need all the fancy parts and somehow it all turned out to be a beautiful holiday. 
     Wednesday night as I sat watching the snow and then later listening to the freezing rain, I knew I would not likely be leaving town tomorrow to get to my school.  Buses would most definitely be cancelled if this kept up.  Sure enough, not only were buses cancelled but schools were closed, a surprise treat for both of us!!!  Grace and I spent the day hanging out, getting a few things ready for Easter.  Thursday night, as the weather worsened, as Grace and I listened to the freezing rain start up again, I knew the power would be going out.  I watched TV, listening to crash after crash, watching transformer after transformer lighting up the sky out my back windows.  What I didn't know was that that power would go out and not return until sometime early Monday morning. 
     Friday was easy enough, a long day when you've already been house bound the day before, but we survived fine.  My dad was kind enough to come over and get the generator going, but it really only helps to keep the sump pump running and eventually keep the food in the freezer and fridge from spoiling.  It did get very cold very quickly in the house however and by Friday afternoon we picked up our elderly neighbours and headed out to see what we could find to warm us up.  We ended up at Wimpy's diner, not my favourite choice of restaurants but anything warm was going to make us happy at this point!  It was busy at Wimpy's but not as busy as everywhere else in town and we settled down to a warm coffee and a bite to eat.  As we were finishing up the hydro at the restaurant went out and we were left paying cash.  A drive through town revealed all the damage from the storm, trees and branches were down everywhere.  I don't ever remember seeing so much damage from one ice storm.  I had several down on my own property.  If one could past the damage and past the cold house and no water, the ice really does make everything beautiful.  In the sunshine of Friday afternoon, everything truly looked beautiful glistening in the sun!

So onto the Easter part.  By Friday night, the house was down to single digits so Grace and I packed it up and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to spend the night.  Aunt Lynda and her family were expected to be taking the other spare room but their hydro came on long enough for them to stay the night at home.  Over at the grandparents, they still did not have hydro but at least they had warmth with their wood stove and a generator powerful enough to use a hot plate to cook a little.  Grace enjoyed the adventure and kept telling me it was like camping!!!!lol
By Saturday night, it was occurring to Grace that the Easter Bunny was on his way and that we were not going to be home!  This was a major concern and rightfully so.  How would we let the Bunny know where we were?  Grace got out her paper and pencil crayons and began writing a letter to the Easter Bunny, the gist of which was:
We are not at home because we have no power.  We are at Grandma and Grandpa's house in ________.  Please come there. Love Grace
Now, normally this might be enough to appease both the Easter Bunny and a young child, but not my Grace!  It also occurred to her that the Easter Bunny might go to our house first (before coming to Grandma and Grandpa's).  She was quite concerned that he would wander around our house calling her name, and not know where she was.  So..... we had to call our elderly neighbours and ask them to write a short note to the Easter Bunny and post it on the front door!lol  Lovely lady never missed a beat on the phone when Grace called her and she agreed to do us the little favour of posting a note.

Writing her note to the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny left some nice treats for Grace, including a lot of eggs all over the house!

Dancing with Aunt Carolyn Sunday morning

Sneaking into Uncle Richie's room to leave some chocolate treats.  She couldn't contain her giggles and he was such a good sport pretending to stay asleep!

Of course, no Easter party would be complete without a few decorations!  No point putting them up at our house, we wouldn't be there to appreciate them, so we packed them up and brought them over

Part two coming soon!