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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Forever Family Day 2014

Forever Family Day came at a busy time for Grace and I. We celebrated with dinner with my parents on Sept 2, and then a picnic in the park on Sept 3 but I never got a chance to finish my post.  So here it is, 3 weeks late but holding the same significance as if it were today. 

Family Day.  Much like a woman's labour, it is not a Norman Rockwell moment.  The room and the moment in which I first met Grace was loud and hot and crowded.  There was so much going on it was hard to know even where to look.  But I will never forget my first glimpse of my daughter as she came around the corner.  She was being carried by a tall gentleman from the orphanage and she clung to him fiercely in those first few moments.  I even remember him kindly trying to hide from her sight so that she might stop crying.  She did eventually settle down and almost smiled.   What a day that was.  I hope I always remember it like it was yesterday!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Summer in Retrospect

As summer draws to a close I thought I had better catch up on some posts I started over the summer and never finished.  Don't ask why, don't ask what I did every evening after Gracie girl went to sleep, I couldn't tell you, but somehow I didn't get a chance to post.  So, over the next few days, I will post a few highlights from Summer 2014!

Let's start with festivals.  Grace and I (well, really just I, but Grace has to tag along since she's too young to stay home alone!LOL) attend lots of festivals over the summer.  Music festivals, ribfests, childrens' festivals, local fairs, whatever happens to be going on we usually make an appearance. 

Here's a few moments in photos

Hot dogs for dinner and dancing in the street, now doesn't that just say Summer??!

Grace actually likes to wear her headphones when we are at music festivals!  She will walk around with them on all day!LOL

"Ice cream, I've been waiting for you all day!!"

The weather was not exactly spectacular at Ribfest this year, something like our whole summer, but that didn't stop Grace from dancing in front of the stage to a few good songs!

It's lonely being a groupie sometimes!

Do you think she likes ribs!!???

How else are you going to get the sauce off your elbow!???  Even funnier though is check out where her other elbow is?? Laundry for mommy!

The Highland Games in Fergus.  Grace enjoyed watching her cousin compete in the dance competition and then thought she would try to do a little dancing herself. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Picnic Time

Two years ago tonight, I was scared and sleepless in a hotel room in Nanjing, waiting to meet my little firecracker!!!  If I had only known what I was really in for I would have been more scared!!!LOL 
Celebrating our Forever Family Day tomorrow with a picnic and a play at Grace's favourite local park.  It has a sand pit that she loves and we are sure to make sand cakes and pizzas and soup until bedtime.  Can't wait for a good play date with my girl!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Santa's Village

I can't believe I never got around to posting this but back in July Grace and I had a great time camping at Santa's Village with friends.  Picture 15 of us, four families all with young kids, camping amongst 3 cabins.  It was a little hectic, a little chaotic but a lot of fun!  Here are the highlights!
Here we are, heading out!

The whole gang, or least most of them, heading to the pool while Lisa and I prepared lunch



"My brother can be so weird!"

Campfire fun.  I lead the group in singing Christmas songs of course!!

Grace insisted on bringing Santa to the campfire!lol

Look who arrived at our campground in the morning!  The kids were so excited even though most of them would not go anywhere near him!

Notice Grace in her "flight" stance!  I think she wanted to be ready to run if she needed to!

Walking back from the playground.  You know your kid had fun at the park in the morning when the bum of her pajamas was practically black!!

Finally we get to Santa's Village.  Feeding the reindeer

Some of the kids really liked Santa......

And some, not so much.....

Oh well, maybe next year!!!

She did love her elf hat though, wanted to wear it all day!

Finally around 3:00, Grace just couldn't hold out any longer.....

A great shot of all the kids

But this shot was even funnier!