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Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Moon Festivities 2015

We were so lucky to be invited to a couple of Autumn Moon celebrations this year with friends.  Grace is getting better and better at socializing and while she still needs to know where I am at each moment, she is doing really well.  She plays in the basement with the other kids, comes up to check on me every 10 minutes or so but then goes right back to playing in the basement, a big big step for her.  Not sure how things will play out over the years as Grace gets older but for now I like to keep some of her birth culture in our lives.  Grace and I don't have a huge connection at this point with other Asian or adoptive families.  There are only a handful who live in our town and all have children much older than Grace so I'm so thankful to be included in Julia's get togethers  (plus they are fun for mommy too!  The highlight of the festivities this year?  In the past Grace was terrified of the dragon costume.  The first year, she screamed hysterically, the second we couldn't be in the room or anywhere near the dragon, this year, success!  She actually wanted to be the dragon in the walk around the block!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

One Month Down

September is gone!  Wow, that went fast!  I can't believe Grace and I have finished one month of school already.  Looking back at the past month however I can say that there are a few things I've learned as new school parent.

School nights are exactly that, school nights.  The whole night feels like it is spent getting ready for school the next day.

School mornings are a lot easier than I thought they might. be.  I keep waiting for the ball to drop, for us to be scrambling but we're not.  Probably because of the school nights.

The bus will never arrive at the exact time it is supposed to nor at the same time it arrived yesterday.

It is very tiring to be a JK student. 

It is very tiring being the parent of a JK student.

Those cute little songs we sing all day long in kindergarten classes are just as cute at home all night long.

I almost hate homework (almost) at least for a few fleeting moments here and there.  Just practising her name, reading poems, and library books and looking for signs of Fall or S words, it all takes too much of the little bit of time we have together between getting home and bedtime.

Your counter will always have plastic containers on it.  Plastic containers in the sink waiting to be washed, washed, waiting to be dried, dried, waiting to be put away, on the counter waiting to be filled with snacks, you get the picture.

One should never try trimming your daughter's bangs for the first time ever, the night before picture day.  What was I thinking!? 

It is very important to put your shoes in the same place every night when you come home so they are in that place you know when it's time to go.  Same goes for backpacks, lunch bags, keys and sunglasses.  Back to the above statement about school nights.

Overall, September was a success.  Let's hope the road continues uphill!