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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dancing Queen

Grace had a GREAT time at her cousin's dance recital last weekend.  She is convinced she can "Highland Dance"  I haven't got it on video quite yet but when I do, look out!  You're sure to be entertained!  In the meantime, here's my little Diva busting a move at the Caleigh after-party (forgotten the spelling of Caleigh once again!!)



Grace idolizes her older cousin!

I love this photo!  I remember so fondly my niece when she was only three.  It feels like yesterday and now here she is going off to university


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Busy Weekends

Sorry to be neglectful of my writing but these past few weekends have been busy.  May and June are always busy, trying to get the gardens done, work events, family birthdays and trying to fit in a little fun outside in the finally warm weather.  I finally got my the last of my backyard furniture out and organized this weekend, that's how busy it's been.  Here's just a few of the things we've been up to in the last couple of weeks. 
Two weekends ago my dad performed with his Barbershop singing group.  Grace and I went.  The concert was going to be long, two and a half hours.  I really wasn't entirely sure how Grace would handle it.  I brought snacks, I brought books, I brought a few silent toys, paper and crayons and then I just hoped for the best.  She was excited to go, really wanted to go, but two and a half hours sitting still and quiet in a church?  That would be a challenge for any kid!
With only one short break walking around outside, Grace loved the concert!  She loves music and had a great time watching Grandpa up on the stage.  The concert was great, the men sounded wonderful and ever since, Grace has been asking when we can go hear Grandpa sing again.  That girl surprises me every day! 

Everybody has to do their share during planting season!!

There is a Barney episode where the characters fix up a bike.  Grace has been fixing this bike for weeks now.  She gets out her tools, her rag, and sings the song from the show, fixing and cleaning the bike over and over.  Oh how Barney writes our daily life!!! 
More weekend adventures to come soon!