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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Some Winter Fun!

The last real winter day for this year.  A warmish, sunny Sunday in early March.  I forced Grace to come out and enjoy it with me.  It's a little hard to tell from this first photo but that is one big tobogganing hill!  She wanted to go all the way to the top but I made her stop there, mostly because I had to walk all the way up with her and then run down after she took off to meet her at the bottom! I climbed up and down that hill about 20 times!  Grace loved it and was laughing all the way down the hill every time!

Here's how she felt after our tobogganing.  As it turned out she was coming down with something and ended up quite sick Monday and Tuesday.  Was feeling a little mommy guilt for having her outside like this but she had a blast!

ps, sometimes Blogger is not my friend.  I have no idea why the program won't let me increase the size of the font or photos on this post.  Whatever!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lunar New Year 2016

Lots of  fun and festivities again this year to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  We're a little Chinese fooded out (even though that's not really a word, you know what I mean!).  We're so lucky to have friends who include us in their celebrations as well as the ones Grace and I plan for ourselves and family.  This year started with a  trip to the Mandarin Restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa.  Grace loves the Mandarin.  Well to be honest, she mostly just loves the soup and the ice cream and the cotton candy, but it keeps her entertained to eat these while we enjoy the rest!
We also got the opportunity to visit with a lovely group of people, most who have adopted from Vietnam with a few of us China families thrown in for fun.  I don't see them very often but Grace and I always have a great time and they always make us feel so welcome.
Finally we hosted our own Chinese dinner for family.  Grace loves to help with the preparations, taping up all sorts of Chinese themed decorations all over the walls.  She puts the appetizers out and usually has a few samplings before the company arrives! lol     

The very mature "grown up" shot

Handing our her red envelopes, she just couldn't wait for Uncle Bill to come out of the washroom!

Still waiting for Uncle Bill!

Notice the outfit.  I would love to say please don't notice the outfit, but I know it's hard not to notice the outfit.  What you can't see is her beautiful Chinese dress hanging at the top of the stairs.  She was supposed to put it on after her nap, before family arrived.  Somehow that didn't happen and so here she is, at the party in her play clothes, which she chooses herself, as much as it kills me to let her do so!  So, please don't notice the outfit!

Showing off our yummy dinner!

At least she put on her fancy party shoes!!!!

Dumplings!  yummy!

Uncle Bill trying to be Elsa!  Silly Uncle Bill!

Thanks to Danny and Julia for hosting another great Lunar New Year party!