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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Glamping 2015

So ever since we went camping in July, Grace has not stopped asking to go camping again.  She plans it out, the campfire, the marshmallows, hiking, sleeping in a tent, the whole thing.  I have been meaning to put a tent up in the backyard and sleep there but we just haven't done it yet. 
So what's the next best thing to camping for real?  Glamping at Grandma and Grandpa's of course!!
Glamping is a combination of two words for those who don't know, camping and glamorous (I think!)
The scene actually started on Sunday night when Grace and her cousin K met at Grandma and Grandpa's to have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.  Like I said, Grace has been asking to do this for over a month now and we finally found a nice night.  Both kids had a great time and Grace devoured 5 marshmallows!!! 
The campfire prompted Grandma and Grandpa to invite the two kids for a "camp-out" at their place, sleep in the RV, campfire with marshmallows, hiking, the whole thing. 
Grace was super excited but sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's without me?  She kept asking where I would be, could I stay too.  I have to admit I was a bit worried but willing to give it a shot.
They spent Tuesday afternoon hiking, drinking hot chocolate and playing at the playplace in McDonalds, and then bed time came.  It was cold outside and drizzling rain off and on, so no campfire which was ok because both kids were super tired.  It was so cold that Grandma made the decision to sleep inside.  To make it feel like camping though, both kids got to sleep on the family room floor in their sleeping bags!!!lol
I of course wasn't there to see how things went but according to Grandma both kids did a great job sleeping.  Grace was exhausted and fell asleep quickly, cousin K not so much.  With both kids finally asleep, Grandma slept in the recliner for a short night because Grace apparently woke at 4:30!!  Poor Grandma!  She is an early riser but being up for a quiet morning and being up with a very talkative 4 year old are two completely different things!!
All in all, I think the kids had a blast and the grandparents survived, hopefully having a bit of fun themselves!!!

Arriving at Grandma and Grandpa's for the big sleep over!  Looking happy!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I just realized I had this post sitting in my drafts!  Grace and I went camping at the beginning of July and had a great time.   Grace was so excited to go.  She talked about it nonstop as soon as I told her we were going.  She watches a Barney video about camping as well as an episode of Paw Patrol where they pups are camping so I think she feels like she is an expert on the subject! 
Even though we practised setting up the tent at home a few days before leaving, I mistakenly forgot the fly at home, leaving us to sleep practically under the stars!  Thankful for dry warm weather and our friends Steve and Brenda who helped put up a tarp, just in case! 
We were blessed with excellent weather, a great campsite and a big group of friends.  Grace can't wait to go back!!
Here are the highlights!
Trying out the tent

All the kids love Steve!

Happiness is... when the dirt stuck to your face is not from the syrup and pancakes you had for breakfast this morning but from the many roasted marshmallows you devoured the night before at the camp fire!!lol

Is there anything better than riding your bike all around your campground circle in your pajamas??

We were so lucky to have great beach weather and we enjoyed every minute of it

Grace's beloved babysitter Brenda and her husband Steve

Mommy's birthday dinner.  Good times!

What a goof!

Candy on a stick.  What could be better than that?
More candy on a stick!

This was our group of kids.  What a great experience for Grace.  She is rarely around so many kids and she enjoyed it so much!

We finished Saturday evening by gathering at the water's edge to light and set off Wish lanterns.  It was quite impressive with so many different colours and a beautiful reflection off the water.

Making pancakes for breakfast

Last morning pack up:  after getting things packed and the car ready, I made a quick lunch of chicken noodle soup.  You know the kind.  The powder package that you can make with boiling water.  The kind with probably next to no nutritional value and a lot of colouring additives.  You know, the one all kids love, including Grace!  She was waiting all weekend for me to make it and here she is waiting patiently for her soup to cool off.


Isn't this how one is supposed to check the temperature of one's soup?!!

Last few minutes of a lovely weekend.  Can't wait to do it again!

Little pit stop on the way home to get revitalized!!!  With ice cream of course!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grace's Baptism

We recently had the honour of celebrating Grace's baptism in my church.  I'm Roman Catholic and we normally baptise our children as new babies, however I chose to wait.  I had no intention of having her baptised when we first got home, it would have been just one more scary experience for her.  I wanted to wait until she was more confident and secure around large groups.  That took a little longer than I expected, well, actually a lot longer but in the end the wait was the right thing to do. 

During the ceremony Grace was her usual monkey self, crawling all over me and wanting to chat but she wasn't scared.  She was confident and excited about being baptised.  Her two cousins were her god parents and except for a completely rained out garden party and a frozen lasagna that took about two hours longer than I thought to cook, everyone went really well!!! 
Aside from the fact that she is now an official member of our church and God's family, the hightlight of the day was the shoes.  Yes, the shoes!  I had bought Grace's baptism dress a year ago and it was stunning.  An ivory colour with tone on tone flowers all over.   A week or two before the big day I got the opportunity to shop for accessories and I got a lovely little "crown" for her hair, a matching purse and a pair of gold ballet slippers from Payless.  Well, Grace took one look at those shoes and that was it, she wore them day and night for the week before the ceremony.  The cute part however was that she was convinced, I mean CONVINCED, that the shoes could make her highland dance! We had been to my niece's highland dance recital a few weeks prior and Grace was mesmorized by the dancing.  She already idolizes her older cousin F and to see her up on the stage dancing, she became like a star in Grace's eyes.  Ever since that recital Grace has wanted to highland dance.  I play a few notes on the piano and Grace jumps around the living room, arms in the air, kicking her legs up convinced that she is doing all the steps she saw her cousin do.  Now she had special shoes that made her even more sure she was highland dancing.  It's hilarious to watch, I will try to get it on video!  Anyways, back to the importance of the ceremony.   
Here's a few photos of Grace's special day.

She wasn't terrified, but she wasn't exactly keen on the water part!

Starting to get a little antsy.  It was a long ceremony, taking over an hour.  We had already been through Mass for an hour and with waiting in between, Grace was starting to lose patience

Grace and I planted pine trees to hand out to our guests, honouring the occasion.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Still Three!

Last days of being 3 and cute as ever!

Watering the deck!

This did not start out as finger painting!!

Caught ya Grace!  Sneaking into the garden to eat raspberries!
And the piece de resistance....
Out of an almost four year old mouth this morning...
"Mommy, who's coming around the mountain when she comes?" and then a minute later...
 " Why does she have to sleep with Grandma when she comes?"   tooooo funny!!!!!