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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting Ready for the Big Night Out!

Grace and I have been getting ready for Halloween these past few days.  Our town hosts a couple of events for the kids.  The Farmer's Market hosts a Halloween festival where they have a petting zoo, pony rides and harvest displays.  The weather was not great but Grace managed to feed the goats and visit the stores for their treats.   

Here's how I found Grace at the end of our outing to the Farmer's Market.  I looked behind me as we were walking back to the car and Grace had tucked herself into a storefront like this.  "I'm tired" was all she said, poor thing!LOL
Next day we attended the Halloween party for kids that my town hosts.  Both Grace and K likes the crafts better than anything else unless you count the playground outside the community centre!

We carved our pumpkin tonight.  Grace did not exactly love the experience which is ok.  Neither do I.  Never have really enjoyed the whole carving a pumpkin thing.  Maybe next year we will just buy one of those kits you stick on!  We have one more waiting to paint if we can get it done before Friday.

The final masterpiece!  Grace wanted a happy face so that's what we made!

This was just a cool photo!  No idea what I did with my camera but what a spooky effect!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend Grace and I took a drive out to a local farm/pumpkin patch.  We went to the same farm two years ago, just a few weeks after coming to Canada.  How my girl has changed in two years.  She goofed around, pretending to hide behind the pumpkins, both of us having a great time. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Good food, lots of family and half decent weather, lots to be thankful for this year! 
Riding her bike of course!!!  Thanks S for the help!

Helping Aunt Carolyn dig up some plants for the winter

Getting to be a handsome young man!  Soon he will even be driving, yikes!

Back on the bike!!

Having fun in the leaves

K-man, the tree hugger!!

Our visit to the local pumpkin farm

Look at that blue sky!!

The boys took over Grandma's living room for their games

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Best $10

So, as most of you know, my daughter is Barney obsessed!  So, in planning our Halloween costume of course you know what must be on the table, Barney and all his friends.  However, Barney is not as popular outside of our little household so the chances of finding a Barney costume or his friend Baby Bop, who is her favourite, as you can imagine is quite a challenge. 
The weather was not the greatest this past weekend so Grace and I headed out to do a little shopping out of town.  I wanted to scour Value Village and Once Upon a Child for a winter dress coat and snowpants and maybe something I could use to make a Baby Bop costume.  I found a beautiful winter dress coat (can't wait for Christmas!!!) and snowpants.  Feeling all successful-like, I rummaged through the huge bin of costumes outside the store, just for a look, as Grace was playing with a car outside the store.  Literally as I was about to turn around and be on our way, a glimpse of purple caught my eye.  Could it be???  Could I be this lucky!!!?????  I frantically got to the bottom of the bin and there it was.... Barney!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  And neither could Grace!!!  She was laughing and clapping a Barney song right there on the sidewalk!  On sale for $10!  This would be the best $10 I have spent all year!!!
So, of course we buy it.  Then I start pumping Grace up for "the big reveal."  I explain to her that we will stop by Grandma and Grandpa's on the way home, won't it be so funny if she was Barney when we got there.  I explain, several times, that we will stop on the way home, put on the Barney costume, and then, when we get there and Grandpa is outside working, he will laugh and laugh when Barney gets out of the car!  My plan was flawless!
What I didn't take into account was the mind of a three year old.
We did as I had planned, we stopped along the side of the road, just over the hill from Grandma and Grandpa's.  I got out the costume, and her out of the car seat.  And then it happened.  You know that story of Thomas' Snowsuit, where the mom, then the teacher, then the principal all try to get Thomas into his snowsuit and he refuses and creates a big scene?  Well, that was us, on the side of the road.  Never did get the costume on.
I sure hope it goes better in two weeks on the actual day.  Otherwise the best $10 I've ever spent may become the best $10 I've ever wasted!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random Summer Happenings

Just a few random summer shots.  We had more fun than I thought during that summer that barely showed up!!!
Picking raspberries with her friend

Enjoying a swing in her pjs

Being silly in the pool on a rare hot day

Doesn't everyone husk corn in their underwear???

Fun in Barrie, On.

Heading out for a morning at the park.  One can never have too many snacks!!!

Getting ready for Grandpa and Grandma to come home.  We made a delicious raspberry pie for them.  Grace thought it was yummy!!

Grace and I had a great visit with her Aunt Carolyn and her cousins

Last night at soccer

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Summer That Finally Came!

So finally we get some nice weather!  This past summer, which I have named "The Summer that Never Came" has turned into "The Summer that Finally Came this Fall."  We just wrapped up the best weekend all summer (weather wise) on this first weekend of Fall!!LOL  Here is what it looked like for Grace and I. 
Oh how I wish it would stay around just a little longer....
Collecting signs of Fall for Mommy's school.  Grace decided to start up an impromptu game of Hide and Seek.  Here she is counting!!!

On Saturday we visited the Fairgrounds where my nephew was presenting his Birds of Prey show.  It's so cool to have a celebrity in the family!

Catching a little air with Grandpa!

Grace's response when Grandpa climbed on the swing?  "Grandpa, you fit!"

The K-man running, what else is new??!!

Practising her bike riding skills.  She has a song she sings from Barney while she's riding... "Riding on a bike, riding on a bike, we are riding on a bike."  Once it starts I can't get it out of my head all day! Ugh!

Filling the bird feeders. We put this peanut feeder on the deck, beside the furniture.  Then we just sit back and watch as the chickadees and chipmunks stop by for a treat, usually when we are sitting right beside them.  The bigger birds and squirrels stop by too but they wait until we are off the deck.

Helping Mommy clean up the deck.  She is so helpful! wink! wink!

How else are you going to push the leaves down?  Thanks Grace!!

Nothing says "Fall" like a little water play and ice cream!!