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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Big Wedding of 2016

So I feel old.  Really old.  I have a nephew that is married.  Aunts who have nephews who are married are old, right? 

This was a big summer for our family.  My nephew got married to a great girl and they've bought a house and are settling in.  As well, my sister and her husband celebrated 25 years of marriage.  And to top it off, someone in the family turned 50!!!  shh, not saying who!

Here are the highlights of the wedding festivities, leading up to the actual wedding and the ceremony.  More photos of the celebration party to come in the next post.

Heading off to the rehearsal.... M looking calm and collected.  Me, not so much!

Pretending to look emotional I think??

The morning of the wedding.  Once again, M looking calm!!

Getting her hair done for the first time, she did amazing sitting through it all

A couple of very cute flower girls waiting for the bride....

My handsome nephew and his dad

My other handsome nephew and his mom!

It's almost time.....!!!!

Someone got a little stage fright at the last minute....

Having a little fun with the magic wand after the ceremony

Told you he was handsome!!!  And ladies, he's single!!!

Love this shot of the bride

Waiting for her turn with the photographer.  The young ones got a little impatient after a long wait

More to come!

Funny, very Funny....

At the K-man's 4th birthday party, Grace met up with a little girl, K's cousin from his dad's side.  The girls have met before but now that they were a little older, they were much better able to interact and be friends.  So, Grace took it upon herself to be "best friends" and both girls thought it was just hilarious to run away from me and my camera!