I've been waiting...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finally, A Glimmer of Hope!!!!

Finally, some spring weather, a glimmer of hope that this snow and cold and ice will actually disappear some time!!!! What a relief today was from this past winter and Grace and I took full advantage.  When I saw that sun shining this morning, I couldn't wait to get outdoors so I packed up Grace and headed out to a local maple syrup festival.  We enjoyed a great pancake brunch and walked around through the spring snow.  We ended our visit to the lake with a horse drawn wagon ride.
 Yummy yummy pancakes!!

Grace wasn't too sure of the horses at first but she warmed up to them eventually.  Look at that blue sky!  Gorgeous!

Back home on the driveway, Grace got a chance to play outside in the sunshine, I got a chance to clean out the car and fill the bird feeders and everyone was happy!  

After nap time, Grace and I headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's (the house of which apparently is only Grandma's, as Grace has enthusiastically explained in Grace-ese.  We don't know where Grandpa lives, in the workshop maybe!!LOL)  The sun was still shining strong and it was a beautiful little hike into the forest to check out the sap buckets.  Can't wait for the maple syrup to be ready!!! Rubber boots however were a must as the mud was up to our ankles.  Oh well, spring is mud and I love it!!

On the way home we saw another sure sign of spring.  A herd of about a dozen deer were scavenging on newly revealed bare patches on a farmer's field along the highway.  I stopped to take a photo but between the sound of the car stopping, me rolling down the window and Grace enthusiastically yelling "Me! Me! Me!" because she wanted to take the picture, the deer got a little spooked and ran off before I could get the shot.  Oh, well, seeing them enjoy the warmer weather was a nice way to end a glorious day!

 Looking for Grandpa.  He was away for the day and Grace just couldn't get her head around that, kept calling him in the workshop and outside.  How dare he be away when she comes to visit was her opinion I think!!!
 Beautiful hike through the forest.  I love spring snow!
 Trying to taste the sap.  I had already given her a little taste on my finger and she like it!

 Goofing off like usual!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stay at Home Mom

This is actually an old post from back in the winter.  Unfortunately still true yesterday. 

Today I remembered why I do not go to a mall anymore.  I'll leave you with this image:  2 year old who hasn't napped.  Snowsuit.  Hat, mitts, scarf.  Stroller across a snowing/blowing parking lot.  People EVERYWHERE.  Eating lunch in a crowded food court.  Need I say more??

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Fun

She's got a cold and is a bit of a slobbery mess but still looking cute in her Irish gear. 

Eating our Irish Stew for dinner!  Yummy

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where is Spring?

I have now officially run out of places to put the snow I have been shoveling.  Where is spring??

I want this back please.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Two and a Half Year Old Cuteness!

So, Grace and I were at the mall Friday night, getting some photos done and just hanging out.  We stopped at the food court for a little dinner of Chinese noodles.  We didn't eat them all so I brought home our left-overs and stuck them in the fridge.  Now Grace was sound asleep when we got home so she went straight into her crib, did not see me put the noodles in the fridge.  

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  Grace and I woke up and Grace went downstairs without me, something she has never done before.  I think I've hit the jackpot, so proud of her being so independent.  I take full advantage... I hit the washroom, brush my teeth, make the bed, sort the laundry into piles.  And then it occurs to me that she knows how to open the fridge.  Hmmm, I think, I should probably go check on her, it's very quiet down there.

So, down the stairs I go and here's what I see around the corner!!!!
"Hey Mom, what's up? Want some noodles?"

Nothing like a few noodles for breakfast!!  Especially when you can have them on the kitchen floor with your juice box!  And right beside the potty, just in case!!?