I've been waiting...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Father's Day 2016

 Father's Day was hot, much like this entire summer has been (and I love it!!!) .  We did what we could to keep the kids cool, including running through the sprinkler!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blues and Jazz 2016

I know I am just so behind on posting!  It's seems to be getting harder and harder to find the time these days.  Grace no longer naps (sort of) and so the precious little time I get after getting her to sleep just isn't enough to keep up with life and a blog! I will keep going as best as I can, I just may be a little behind all of the time!
A while back Grace and I headed out to enjoy our town's blues and jazz festival.  She kept calling it the Blue Jay festival! lol  It's run by a friend of mine and every year we've been Grace has had a blast.  She loves music as much as  I do and so we make a good team for the weekend's festivities. 
I also make it a "free for all" weekend.  Pretty much whatever she wants, she gets.  She wants ice tea to drink?  I say OK.  Bubbles?  New necklace?  Sure!  She wants a hot dog and ice cream for lunch?  I say OK.  French fries?  Juice?  Corn on the cob?  Another ice cream?  OK, OK, and OK!  I consider it a wise move on my part because while she is munching away on her French fries or admiring her new necklace, she is entertained and happy.  I'm able to enjoy the music without distraction and that makes me happy.  I see it as a win - win!!!

How does one fall asleep in the middle of such loud music???  I have no idea but she does, every year!

Cartwheels on the grass.  Grace met up with a couple of friends from her dance class and the three of them danced around and did cartwheels.