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Friday, November 29, 2013

Are You My Mommy??

The funny thing about "Mommy."  Grace says it all the time now, day and night.  I love hearing it.  Funny thing is however she has now turned it into meaning several things, not just me.  She refers to herself as mommy, the girl dancing on the cover of her Barney video is mommy, whoever she pretend talks to on the phone is mommy and basically now if she wants something, no matter what it is, she just points to it and says mommy.  All of a sudden I no longer feel quite so special, lol.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Winter

Not much to say here, just a few pics of recent Fall activities and our night out at the Santa Claus parade last weekend.  My nephew played in one of the bands in the parade so we were very proud to watch him walk by, playing his bagpipes.  

I have an elderly couple who live next door to us and Grace adores both of them, always wanting to visit Dan and Erna whenever we are outside.  So when Grace spotted Dan raking leaves in our backyard, trying to help me out, there was no stopping her, she wanted outside right then to get involved!  She was quite sick with a cold but out we went to rake leaves, an activity I really enjoy most of the time, but with a two year old that spends more time taking the leaves out of the bag instead of putting them in, well...  let's just say we weren't much help!  The funniest moment was when Grace tried to mimic Dan, who was putting his foot in the bag to push the leaves down.  Watching an 85 year old man and a 2 year old child with their feet in leaf bags was priceless.  Too bad I was laughing too hard that I didn't get a photo!

ps. Grace and I went for our Christmas photos today and I will post a sneak preview this coming week, not as cute as last year (she WOULD NOT stay put!!!) but still precious!

Waiting for the parade to start

"No Grace, the leaves have to stay in the bag!!!"

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Mommy.  Mommy!!!  mom/mom/mom/mom.  Mommmm-my.  The most beautiful word in the world and I've heard it many times from the carpet in the living room, from the back seat of the car, Grace babbling to herself but definitely not to me.  If I take notice of her, she stops immediately and won't say it again.  Until today.  

Today I heard it come out of my daughter's mouth for the very first time directed right at me.  She looked at her cousin F, pointed right at me and said it, Mommy.  Purposeful, and clear as a bell.  F. gasped and fought to hold back tears.  Mine were already filling my eyes joyfully.

I've been putting off this post for a little while because well, frankly, I'm a little embarrassed.  It seems like at some point when I wasn't looking or paying attention, Grace started to speak.  I don't really know how or when it happened exactly.  It just seemed to float into our daily life.  She started with the word no (like so many babies before her!!LOL) and then progressed to "okay" and "hello".  And somehow it all happened so gradually that I was barely aware of it.  I've been waiting so long for her to speak, I was expecting this big "event."  I wanted to make a big post about it, big news, in bold letters, SHE SPEAKS, because for those of you who know Grace and I personally, you know just how frustrating her lack of speech has been for me, how the grunting that she still does as her main source of communication, has been like nails on a chalkboard to me for more than six months now.  I know she could speak if she wanted to, I've heard her make all the sounds.  But for whatever reason her little head has decided, she does not want to speak yet.  And I'm trying to be ok with that but yes, it's been hard being a mind reader, trying to decipher what each grunt means, whether it's "I want more banana, I want down, I want up, I like it, I don't like it."  So today was a breakthrough. She called me mommy.  And she meant me.  I'm her mommy and she knows it and now she wants to acknowledge it.  And so begins another chapter in my Grace-full life.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Fun

Spent a bit of time lately at a local Farmer's stand.  Got some great shots of the two little ones sitting on the pumpkins and playing peek-a-boo in the corn stalks.  What a cute age they are at right now, everything is new to them, everything is fun and at some point they end up in a pile of giggles on the ground.  <3 <3 (these are facebook hearts for those not in the know!!!LOL)

Playing Peek-a-boo between the corn stalks

"I love you big pumpkin!!"

This certainly beats Grandpa's little Gator! And plus, he never lets me drive!

Little K playing peek-a-boo.  I see you!!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Little Stinker

Grace and I are both battling illness and to be honest I just don't have the energy tonight to write a whole post, but I couldn't wait to show off my little stinker so here's a short preview of the full Halloween post to come in the next day or two.