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Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 in pictures.  Time at church, time with family, time with chocolate, what could be better?!

My girl, looking so cool in her skinny jeans and boots!

Here is the start of a good idea gone bad, then good again.  We started off all enthusiastic, then got so sticky and covered in marshmallow that I had to send Grace out of it.  The final product however was very cute!!

Looking for Easter chocolate!  yummy!

Hanging around outside in the sunshine with Grandma and Aunt Carolyn

Some of the cousins all together

"And what might this be Mommy??  Shall we open it to see what's inside?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Her Fault!! LOL

If you are wondering why you haven't seen too many posts from me lately, well, it's sort of Grace's fault.  Her sleep issues ebb and flow and right now she's having an incredibly difficult time staying asleep.  That means she is waking up after only 40-60 minutes of sleep each nap and night, normal for nap, not normal for night anymore.  As a result that means I'm only getting 40-60 minutes to myself each evening, and well, let's just say, showering sometimes just takes priority!!LOL  On the upside (?) we are working on going to sleep on her own with some success.  Normally I have always stayed with Grace until she is soundly asleep but the time has come.  Her attachment is secure enough now that I have introduced a modified cry it out method for several nights now.  I have had to endure a lot of crying and calling out to Mommy, but so far it is working. She is now content with the expectation that she needs to go to sleep on her own while Mommy "does her work in the kitchen"  my general line when I put her down.  She still sleeps in my bed most of the night and I'm fine with that, have no intention of changing that routine right now, but I really wanted her to be able to put herself to sleep on her own, so hang in there faithful readers!  I hope to have more time soon to write.  I love keeping track of her adventures and can't wait till she's old enough to read the blog herself.

ps. Adoption issues are different than bio issues, especially in the realm of attachment, so if there are any adoptive parents out there who have experience with this and could shed kind words of wisdom, I'm open to hearing from them. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Difference a Year Makes

The difference one year makes.  Grace was invited to her first ever birthday party last year at this time, a little girl we had met through a friend, who has since become a friend of ours as well.  A year ago, Grace was shy and insecure and clingy at the climbing jungle place where the party happened.  I held her in my arms the majority of the day. She climbed on the structures but only with me.  She definitely stood out in the crowd. 

Fast forward to a year later and the change is amazing.  The party took place at the same jungle gym although I'm sure Grace does not remember it.  Grace knew we were going to a birthday party and she knew most of the people there.  When we arrived, she walked straight in, could hardly get her jacket off quickly enough, threw it on the floor and ran for the play area.  You can see below that she enjoyed herself tremendously, playing with the other children, her daycare provider and me.  

My girl is getting more and more confident every day.  She's amazing and amazes me with how much change I've seen in her, especially in recent months.  While I hate the thought of her "growing up" I know it's inevitable and if it has to happen I'm glad to see it happening well!

Grace with her friend and their babysitter, preparing to go down the big slide!

"Come on Mommy!!!  Catch up!!!"

Grace with her daycare friend

The only thing she didn't like about the party was the hat!!!

Eating of course was a highlight!!  Grace definitely likes her food!

"See you at the top Mommy!!"