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Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Valentine!

Grace and I spent much of the Family Day weekend preparing for Valentines and Chinese New Year, waiting for the Bell guy to show up to fix our home phone, and just hanging out.  More Family Day photos to come but here are the Valentine highlights.  I know I'm a little biased but I swear, every time I think Grace is at the cutest stage ever, she just gets cuter!  The heart scarf in the hair was her idea!!

Writing our Chinese New Year cards, decorating with monkeys

The card we made for Grandma and Grandpa for Valentines Day.  I loved it so much I think I will help her make one for me too!!  lol

Trying to look shy  :)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Christmas Festivities 2015

Christmas Eve, Grace was beside herself with excitement.  We went to church at the Children's Mass where we watched my students participate in a Christmas pageant.  The priest there is so inclusive of the children in the congregation and invites them to participate in the celebrations as much as possible.  So when Grace was allowed to carry up a sheep to the altar to display at the crèche, she was thrilled!  We finished Mass and headed over to my brother's house for dinner and a short visit. 
Once home, it took some coaching to get my munchkin up the stairs and into her bed.  She had many questions about how the whole "Night Before Christmas" would unfold.  I tried to answer them as best I could but she was concerned.  She wanted to be sure that Santa would not be coming upstairs to our bedrooms and that the reindeer would stay outside.  These were worrisome moments for her and I reassured her that the night would be fine as I laid down beside her on her bed.  Once in bed however, her excitement returned and the minute her head hit the pillow, she bolted upright. 
 "Why he's not coming Mommy?"
I almost fell off the bed laughing!!!  "Well Grace, it's only 8:00 and Santa only comes when everyone is asleep."  She asked again several more times, telling me she "thinks she hears something"  Too funny!  These were precious moments that I'm glad to have recorded here so the memory stays vivid!
Christmas morning was early but not too early thankfully!  Grace and I spent a bit of time admiring the presents, checking out our stockings and her trying on her new high heels!  Here are the photo highlights

Just before Christmas I arranged for Grace to go to the Dollar store with a friend's daughter.  I gave her some money in her purse and off she went to do her Christmas shopping for Mommy!!  Secretly I watched through the window a bit, seeing her at the check-out, handing up her gift, getting out her money.  It was all so grown-up and I was so excited to see what she might choose for me. 
Here she is holding her present that she wrapped herself, so proud of herself!!!!  I loved my Christmas themed water cup!
Don't mind the chocolate face... she had been into her stocking treats obviously!!!

High heels and her guitar were the biggest hits this Christmas!!!

It took a while to warm up to her new kitten.  She's still not sure about it!

I've never met a kid who loves music as much as Grace.  She truly spends much of her waking hours singing, playing instruments and just making music.  I so hope it continues and pays off for her one day.  Maybe I have a budding rock star!!

A new back pack for school.  She pretty much destroyed her first one in three and a half months!  Before Grace, I never understood why parents bought new back packs for school each year.  I just couldn't figure it out, why don't they just use the same one again?  Well, now I know!

Painting Grandma's nails on Christmas morning with her new nail polish

Happy birthday Jesus!!

cousin love! 

Auntie love!
The Boxing Day hike through Grandpa and Grandma's forest.  It's becoming an annual tradition, everyone that's hanging around heading out for a winter walk.  Or at least everyone that can be convinced to leave a couch!  The past couple of years it's been so mild and snowless it's been more like an Autumn walk. I don't mind snow, really I don't, enjoy it on a sunny February day for sure, but secretly I have no problem with a green Christmas.  I don't know why, I just like it, cool weather but dry.  So I was happy, no snow, just frozen ground and bare trees!