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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Upside??

The time... 9:37pm.  Grace is currently in bed singing If You're Happy and You Know It, complete with hand clapping, foot stamping, and shouting hooray.  The result of too much chocolate milk at dinner time and afterwards.  The upside?  She is happy to be in her bed singing on her own.  There's always a glass half full somewhere if you look for it.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Mother's Day Festivities

More Mother's Day festivities.  My nephew caught a few goldfish from my parents' pond and my brother Bill thought it would be funny to show the little ones how to hold a fish.  Grace thought it was great, her cousin K-man, not so much!!!

 Both kids loved the water table we set up in the backyard.  It was a warm day and they spent the time splashing each other and themselves as well as anyone who came near them!LOL  My brother tried to show them how to "carry" the water in their hands but by the time they ran across the lawn there was very little water to throw at us!  Grace thought it was the funniest thing ever however and carried on and on!  She would pretend to be running at me with the water and at the last second switch to "throw" it on Grandma, laughing hysterically every time!  She has quite a sense of humour for a two year old!

Yes, that is a goldfish in the water table!!!  Once again, my brother thought it would be funny!!!!  He's a jokester like that!

 Grace just couldn't resist climbing in!

Here is Grace handing out the bird's nests we made at Easter but never got around to eating.  They've been in the freezer and as you can see Grace enjoyed hers!!

Love this shot!  It captures her personality perfectly!!!

All the cousins that were there.  Notice Grace doesn't let anyone else drive!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

What is it About Two Year Olds?

What is it about two year olds??  That everything they do is so stinking cute!!!!!???

Grace will dress up with my jewellery, she'll wear my shoes around the house, and has lengthy conversations on the phone (can't really understand a word she's saying but she will go on and on, babbling with so much expression in her voice you know she is making an important point to someone!!)  

Lately she's been playing hide and seek with Barney in my bed.  She hides Barney, then closes her eyes and tries to find him!!LOL

She climbs into her toy car and yells out to me, "Bye bye Mommy, go Poppa Mamma's!" (Grandpa and Grandma)  When I answer back "Ok, have fun!" and replies "OK!!"  

She loves music and sings several songs at the top of her lungs.  Most of them are Barney songs and you can barely recognize the words but wow she has the tunes and beat down perfect, even the actions.  It's so funny to watch, I can't get it on video though, sorry!  If Grace finds anything that even slightly resembles a cake (like the colander she plays with in the bathtub!) she walks around with it up high, singing Happy Birthday, only she misses the word birthday so her song sounds like this, as loud as you can imagine:  Happy to Mommy!!!

She has an amazing sense of humour and loves teasing her Grandpa, pretending to wipe off his kisses, making up silly words for his song, Row Row Row the Boat.

I could go on and on describing her antics, it's something new every day it seems!
Notice the one sock on/one sock off fashion statement!!

Helping herself to a few cheerios before official breakfast!!

Grace likes to really "get into" washing the dishes, literally!!!!

This is how you solve the problem when you are thirsty for juice and milk at the same time....

Why wear one headband when you can wear three!!

She told me she was going to Grandma and Grandpa's house!