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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day.  How to celebrate when you are a single mom?  Always a tough question, always a challenge, but for me, we search out the next best thing..... Grandpa!!!!  

Grace and I are so lucky to have my dad so close by for her to celebrate Father's Day with in a meaningful way.  I know it will get harder each year as Grace becomes more and more aware of the fact that we are a two person family, just her and I, but for now I am thankful to both my dad and a good friend Brian, as well as my brother, brother in laws and her older cousins who give her so many positive male role models she needs to grow up into a well rounded person. 

Her babysitter was so kind as well, helping make a special gift and card for Grandpa, very thoughtful of her!

Here are a few pics from yesterday's festivities!

ps.  Still no computer at home, I will try to catch up once  I have a new computer this summer.  I have lots of posts ready to go!

They are all looking so grown-up now

Some might call this dangerous.  Grace likes to call it adventurous!!

The K-man helping Grandpa open his gift

Grace and I spent some time over the last week taking pictures to make a gift for Grandpa.  She calls him Poppa, not because that's what we call Grandpas in our family but because she can't quite say Grandpa yet.  Thank Goodness, as it was challenging enough getting her to pose for these five letters!!!  It's a bit difficult to see, but each one is taken in a place that either Grandpa or Grace enjoys - her slide, her car, the flower garden, the red chair that Grandpa made for our garden.

"Let me help you Grandpa!!"

Grace made a special rock for Grandpa at daycare.  She painted it and wrote "Grandpa rocks!" on it.  Here she is explaining the whole process to Grandpa!!LOL

The K-man would have nothing to do with picture taking yesterday, not even with his dad!
See below!!LOL

HUGS! <3

Finally a great picture of K-man and Grandpa, except for Grace photo-bombing!!!!!

Grace has nose kisses for all the people she loves.  There is no question she is "Grandpa's girl!"

Monday, June 2, 2014

Missing in Action!

Hi folks, I know Grace and I have been missing in action lately, sorry about that!  We've had an eventful week, a trip to the emergency room and a night spent filling out reports for a police officer, both of which used up our evenings this week.  The emergency room visit ended well, no broken bones or stitches required, and the incident with the police I will not elaborate on here online but to say that things are all safe now.

As well, for those of you that know me personally, you know my passion for gardening and May is THE month for getting it done!  With our slow start to spring this year, the time line has compressed the time I've had to get things cleaned up and ready.  So the crunch is on and it's not unusual to find me out on the driveway or the back deck at 11:00 at night, planting pots under the moonlight!!!

To add to that, my computer at home has finally given it's last post.  I turned it off one night and it went quietly in it's sleep, not to turn on ever again.  So I am in desperate need of a few hours to go computer shopping, something that won't happen until the summer now.  Therefore, I am forced to use the computer at work during my lunch hour which of course gets used up doing a million other things at this time of year at school.

So, have patience, I will return to blogging very soon, maybe even this week.  I have a few posts ready to go in my mind, a recent trip to the zoo, playing at the park, etc.  I will try to post some pictures soon.  Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and Grace is still up to her crazy antics!