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Monday, March 3, 2014

Two and a Half Year Old Cuteness!

So, Grace and I were at the mall Friday night, getting some photos done and just hanging out.  We stopped at the food court for a little dinner of Chinese noodles.  We didn't eat them all so I brought home our left-overs and stuck them in the fridge.  Now Grace was sound asleep when we got home so she went straight into her crib, did not see me put the noodles in the fridge.  

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  Grace and I woke up and Grace went downstairs without me, something she has never done before.  I think I've hit the jackpot, so proud of her being so independent.  I take full advantage... I hit the washroom, brush my teeth, make the bed, sort the laundry into piles.  And then it occurs to me that she knows how to open the fridge.  Hmmm, I think, I should probably go check on her, it's very quiet down there.

So, down the stairs I go and here's what I see around the corner!!!!
"Hey Mom, what's up? Want some noodles?"

Nothing like a few noodles for breakfast!!  Especially when you can have them on the kitchen floor with your juice box!  And right beside the potty, just in case!!?


Catherine said...

Lol! Your little cutie is growing up! Heh. Love that she added the juice box!

Snickerdoodle said...

Clever bunny!!!!

Paula said...

Love it!!!